Missing the Fill-Up: How Distraction Can Lead to Disaster

Our car was on empty; so we made a quick stop at the nearest gas station. While I played on my phone, Ian stuck the nozzle into the car and his credit card into the pump. Then, like the good husband that he is, he started cleaning the windshield and windows. When he was finished, he tried to top up the tank but the pump had already cut off. So, he got in the car, and we started on our way.

It wasn’t long before he noticed a problem. The gas gauge was still on empty. Ian then realized that he had been so preoccupied with cleaning the windows that he had forgotten to actually start the transfer.

It reminded me of my spiritual life. Sometimes, I am running on empty. When Sunday comes, I am beyond ready for a spiritual fill-up.  So, I get all dressed up and head to church.  I park myself in a pew. I pull out my Bible and my ink pen. But then, my mind begins to wander. My stomach begins to growl. I start thinking about my “to do” list for the week or where we are going for lunch. I listen. I take notes. But despite all appearances, the transfer doesn’t happen.

And at some point after I leave that day, I realize that my tank is still on empty.

It’s not the pastor’s fault or the worship leader’s problem. The pump isn’t broken. I just got distracted. And because of that distraction, I missed out on what the Lord wanted to do in my heart and life. I missed an important fill-up.

Suppose I needed that spiritual gas to power me through a difficult conversation that was going to take place that very day. What if I needed the extra energy to help me speed past a temptation that was coming my way?

It’s a good reminder that pit-stops are important for cars and for our spiritual lives. And thankfully, I don’t have to wait for Sundays to fill up. Whether I am opening my Bible for personal study, listening to worship music in the car, and sitting in church listening to my pastor, I need to stay focused on the task at hand—gleaning the message that God intends for me. So, don’t let distraction in your life lead to disaster. Find time and allow God to fill you up with His Word and wisdom.