Meet The Girls

In November of 2018, while still reeling from the unexpected death of my 20-year-old son, I attended a women’s business conference with my two sisters and mother. I didn’t expect more than a much-needed girls’ get-away, but what I received instead was the birth of a dream. The Girls Get Together was born as a natural offspring of my love for writing and my long-neglected call to speak and teach women. Combined with the unique talents and abilities of my mother and my sisters, we seek to provide quality educational, encouraging, and entertaining resources and programs for women. Utilizing the power of stories, I hope to share the hope of Jesus Christ with women who are just like me, struggling with life and loss and the growing problems of mental illness in our personal lives and families.

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Tricia K. Brown

I am the wife of Ian Brown and the mother of four sons, Sjon-Paul, Brandon, Ryan and Braxton Brown. I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BA in Print Journalism and English, with an option in writing. In addition to being a homeschool mom, I have been a freelance writer, editor and public speaker for the past 23 years. I am the sole proprietor for The Girls Get Together, but I rely heavily on my girls—my family and best friends.

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Wife of Gerald Carter, mother of Tricia, Marsha, and Nancy, Jean is a retired public school teacher, confidante, creative consultant extraordinaire, and her daughters' biggest fan.

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Marsha Crawford

Wife of Robert Crawford, mother to Nathan and Quinton, cosmetologist and owner of Hair by Marsha, Marsha is The Girls' fashion expert, stylist and comedic relief.

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Nancy Duffer

Wife to Mike Duffer, mother of Dustin, Dylan and Deshea, mother-in-law to Tracey, grandmother to Novah Jean, Nancy is our DIY guru, recreation specialist, and faithful encourager. 

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