How a Sock Puppet and a Frustrated Feline Schooled Me on Fear

sock puppet.jpg

Have you ever scared a cat? It’s kind of a comical sight. All the hair stands up on its back, and it jumps—all four legs—simultaneously up and back at the same time. That’s pretty much the way our kitty responded when we tried to play with him using this puppet. Let’s just say, he is not a fan. The kitty is, however, fond of getting on our counters and trying to drink out of the fish bowl. So, I placed the puppet over a bottle of syrup and set it up as a kind-of scarecrow/cat.

As I looked at that silly thing on my counter the other day, it made me think of Satan—not the puppet itself per se. I think the puppet is adorable. What makes me think of Satan is the way in which the cat is scared of the puppet. I mean, after all, the puppet is nothing but a sock and some yarn and other do-dads. And honestly, our kitten really likes socks, and yarn, and do-dads. But with just a little manipulation of the puppet, the kitten becomes scared.

That’s the way I am. My life is composed of lots of things, and most of them are things that I like. Family. Home. Work. Repeat. But, sometimes Satan puts his sneaky little hand into one of the categories of my life, and he twists and turns everything around a little. It’s not always much, mind you. It can be the tiniest thing. I am extra tired in the morning. I get stuck in traffic on the way to work. My kids are more ornery than normal.

Something doesn’t go quite right. And then, the next thing you know, I am scared. Scared of failing. Scared of something bad happening. Scared of the future. Scared of being judged. Just scared. It’s crazy. I know. But’s true.

1 Peter 5:8 calls the devil a roaring lion seeking who he can devour. But in all honesty, if we are believers in Christ, then that lion has been declawed. He’s more meow than roar. 1 John 2:14 assures us that we have won the battle against the evil one. And Joshua 1:9 reminds us then to “be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

It’s so easy to be like that kitty, to become overwhelmed and frightened when Satan puts on a show. But, today, today I’m praying that God helps me to step back. I pray that when I begin to feel that fear rising up in me, that I take another look. I pray that I recognize Satan’s tricks as nothing more than baubles and yarn. And I pray that I remember, with Christ in me, I don’t have to be scared of empty sock puppets any more.

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