What Happens When You Run Out of Gas

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10

A friend of mine posted a picture last night. In the near distance, I could see the corner of a Kroger. Her comment, “Yep that’s the Kroger where I was gonna get gas, but ran out... this close and I ran out!!” In the comment section, she added, “Thankful for my daddy who came and rescued me.”

I can relate. How about you?

Have you ever run out of gas? It’s a miserable feeling. The car starts to sputter. You push the accelerator a little harder. It begins to vibrate just a little. You pump the gas. It begins to cough, and you know the end is inevitable. But you squeeze the wheel, lean forward, and urge it on. “Come on. Come on, just a little bit more to go.”

Then then it lets out a sigh and quits.

You coax. You cajole. You may even cuss a little. But it’s no use. You’re out of gas, and you’re not going anywhere.

I’ve been there, and not just in a car.

I can feel it coming. I’ve been running and running. I haven’t filled up in a while. I haven’t spent time with the Lord.

Finally, I start to sputter. I realize I need to get some fuel in my tank. I need to recharge. I need to rest and fill up on God’s Word. But in order to fill up, I need to stand still. Instead, I just push the accelerator a little harder.

Before long, I’m shaking and wheezing. I urge myself on. Just a little bit more. It will be OK. I can handle this. But eventually, it’s inevitable, like a car without gas, I wind up shutting down.

Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually, I’m done. I’m not going anywhere. I am out of gas.

Then the most beautiful thing happens.

My Father comes and rescues me. Even though it’s my fault that I am empty. Even though I have been the one to neglect my fill-ups. Even though I have failed to do what is necessary to take care of myself and my relationship with Him. He still comes to rescue me.

He meets me where I am and fills me up with His presence, His power, and His peace.

And, just like that, praise God, I’m ready to go again.